Adjuvants Products

Products for industrial maintenance, marine and household detergents.

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Components for cabins and painting walls.

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Automatic Vibrofinishing plants, the highest quality, and of various types.

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Dry Mechanical

Wide range of installations, multi or mono basket, tilting baskets, for the most varied dimensions of the parts to be treated.

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Industrial Cleaning

All types of support that is needed for industrial washing.

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Water Paints

The water painting, represents the new frontier for an environmentally-friendly production.

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Spray Plants

We carry out painting systems with extreme accuracy, trying to satisfy the customer’s needs.

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Industrial Painting

We offer a full range of special coatings that have been developed over the years.

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Plants for the Galvanic

Design and supply of specific requests and according to individual needs, systems for all types of galvanic treatment.

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Galvanic Finishing

It provides a complete line of products for the chemical preparation of the surfaces, and for the subsequent electroplating finish, to any type of support.

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It guarantees the utmost degree of protection over time as well as a flawless base, and provides excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents and mechanical stress.

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