The NANOROD TREATMENT method was developed following a period of extensive research.
It guarantees the utmost degree of protection over time as well as a flawless base, and provides excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents and mechanical stress.

By TREATMENT, we mean the entire processing system, rather than a single operation.

The NANOROD TREATMENT method can be used to fully protect any metal base made of press-formed or extruded rough steel, iron or aluminium against chemical and atmospheric agents and mechanical stress, and to ensure a flawless appearance over time. These exceptional properties combine with ease of maintenance, as the surface can be cleaned using a sponge soaked in water, with no need for detergent, which results in a considerable reduction in maintenance costs and environmental impact.

The surface treated with NANOROD remains clean, with no stains, halo effects or marks. There is no yellowing or clouding effect, even at high temperatures.

All the surface treatment systems using the NANOROD Treatment method can be custom-designed to meet specific processing and space requirements.

The research and planning of each product and the engineering design have contributed to the complete development of the NANOROD Treatment and to the achievement of truly exceptional, unique results at a global level.

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